OnlyTease proudly presents
The Magical, The Magnificent, Miss Daisy Watts
and her sexy new assistant, Miss India Reynolds
Daisy Watts is demonstrating her new trick of undressing her sexy assistant, India Reynolds, simply by waving her very magic wand! Although it has to be said that inside OnlyTease the girls undress all the time, no magic wands required!
So, that all went pretty well then! What a great act! But when you look at the whole photoset, you'll see it doesn't stop there! No, India Reynolds wrestles the wand out of Daisy Watts' grasp, and turns the tables, making her strip as well! And then India's got another trick up her sleeve; suddently the girls' stockings and tights have swapped over! Magical! The sort of thing you'll only see inside OnlyTease!
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