Classroom Antics at OnlyTease
... featuring Daisy Watts, Elle Richie, India Renolds, Lucy-Anne Brooks, Rosie Whiteman and Miss Hayley-Marie Coppin
Miss Hayley is in danger of losing control of her class at OnlyTease and decides that she needs to cane each of her students' bottoms! But whereas all of the other girls accept their punishment, Rosie grabs the cane away from Miss Hayley, and that's the cue for the girls to start pulling at their teacher's clothing, until she is left in nothing but her sexy lingerie! But what to do now! There's only one thing for it, the girls decide, and that's to get undressed themselves...
... and, as you can see, they don't stop until they are all topless, wearing nothing but their knickers and their stockings or socks! Even Miss Hayley joined in eventually, and who could blame her! Who would be able to control themselves being around such a horny bunch of girls! I certainly wouldn't! And once you've downloaded the full 122 picture set from OnlyTease, you might not be able to either!
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